What This 16-Year Major League Player Is Teaching 
The Canadian Baseball Prospects of Tomorrow
You'll be surprised EFFECTIVE this teaching is for parents looking to impact young players
You're Gonna Learn...
Know How to choose The proper bat length
This knowledge is important to know for not only players, but for parents. Don't waste your money on a baseball bat that won't deliver the expected results for you. Here's the final say on how to choose a bat that is properly fitted for the player!
The Final say on fundamental bunting technique
Bunting is the most crucial yet underdeveloped skill in baseball. If you can't bunt in the Major Leagues, you will never stay there! Learn how to bunt now to expand your value and give yourself a better chance to succeed at the higher levels! Very easy to teach!
how to CHOOSE The best batting stance for your player
Gregg is passionate about working backwards from perfection. In this video he will teach you how to work backwards to find the ideal batting stance best suited for your player. This is a must-know for parents who are looking to give helpful advice to their young athlete! Surprise your child with some baseball knowledge!
Major League Instruction.
Right In Your Own Backyard!
Great videos!
" This training series gives clear-cut demonstration of the fundamentals that are often over-looked in baseball. If young baseball players understand and use these concepts they will benefit in the long-run."
-Marcus Knecht
Team Canada Alumni & Toronto Blue Jays MLB Draftpick
"Gregg Zaun is one of the best baseball coaches in Canada. He makes the fundamentals of baseball very clear and easy to understand for coaches and players. Don't miss out on having this Private Training Series!"
-Mike Reeves
Team Canada Alumni & Toronto Blue Jays MLB Draftpick
Are you looking for a high-energy, high-level baseball instructor that teaches Major League fundamentals the right way? 

If so, you can't miss what World Series Champion Gregg Zaun has to say!
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